Since starting my own business almost two years ago, I’ve learned a lot. About different industries, about running a business, and about all kinds of weird and wonderful topics. But the biggest revelation has been how important it is to value my own worth as a professi...

I spotted this little sign at a museum recently and it really struck a chord with me, because it’s a warning many businesses need to heed.

I’m not talking about actual floggings obviously, but the regular beatings we give to employees, whether that’s repeatedly changing...

A brand is far more than a font and a logo, but these things do matter. So, I’ve found it surprising how many ads I keep seeing for programs that create logos through algorithms, not real designers.

I was curious, so I gave it a go. I entered the emotive words that desc...

I’ve recently been working on a comms and engagement strategy for a major change programme and have been a little taken aback by how much emphasis is placed on 'on paper' structures and hierarchies.

Apparently I’m a bit of a maverick, because I care as much about what B...

Using long-form content to fuel your content marketing outputs

When was the last time you sat down and wrote 10,000 words? Probably at 2am in your university library the night before a deadline. And if you’re anything like us, you were probably glad when it was all over...

Fed up with being asked: ‘When am I going to get a sale out of this blog?’ It's time to get strategic with your content marketing.

It’s every marketer’s pet peeve – justifying their outputs to the sales team, management board or Beryl on reception. And it can be a reall...

Most comms conundrums can be solved with the five Ws all journalists hold dear: who, what, why, where and when. And that’s absolutely true when it comes to defining the best channels and content for your business.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should be focusing y...

We’ve all been there. That shop with great product, beautifully-crafted interiors and slick marketing, with disengaged employees who ruin the whole experience. Or the creative agency with free fruit, a ping pong table and inspirational quotes on the walls, where bitchi...

Human beings love a good story. Heroes and villains; romance and adventure. And the thing we love even more? Sharing those stories with other people.

Stories form the basis of every culture and religion and, these days, shape every brand that graces our shopping basket....

Words are central to building your brand and a good copywriter can work magic. But recently, too many big brands seem to be jumping on the creative copy bandwagon, letting copywriters run riot with no regard for the bigger brand story.

This week, at a client meeting in...

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